AUWAY Football Club kickstart in a Grand Style

By Baye Osagie Sylvester The much-awaited launching of the Turkish Nigeria based Football club A.S AUWAY Football Club finally saw it’s limelight Friday 18th of December 2020.   The ceremony saw big dignitaries from all works of life such as the University of Benin director of sports Dr. Mrs. F. I Egbase, the Club Owner…Read moreRead more

6 Ways to keep to your New Year Resolution

A New Year is a season of joy where everyone would want to be a better person and the desire to have a new year resolution comes to the mind. A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour to accomplish a…Read moreRead more

6 Tips to Maintain Good Grades while in School

Every student goal and aspiration is getting good grades in school because it helps to motivate, build self esteem and drive one to be more focused but it is safe to say that they are many huddles to cross in achieving this goal. Updatedgist brings to your knowing some important tips to follow in achieving…Read moreRead more

7 Steps to Becoming A Celebrity

The Joy of been a known figure and being influential is a thing almost every individual craves for,be it a politician, a dancer, a musician, an actor/actress, a movie director, a model, a music director or producer etc… The list is endless but it is safe to say that really actualizing ones potentials to becoming…Read moreRead more

7 Common mistakes university students make in their first year

Many students are fond of getting carried away by the joy of gaining admission into the university and they later forget their primary aim in school. brings to you the major cause of the mistakes university students make in their first year. Having Questions? Leave a comment and we will attend to it. Also,…Read moreRead more

BBNaija Application Form and Requirements | How to Apply for Big Brother Naija Audition 2020/2021

To all those interested in the Big Brother Naija Reality Show 2020, bring you a step by step guide on the BBNaija Application Form 2020 and all BBNaija Audition Tips and Guides for the 2020/2021 Show. Here are some questions you will also likely be asked in the Big Brother Naija Season 5 Auditions. so,…Read moreRead more

4 Step by Step Guides To Job Hunting

Securing a Job has become an utmost if not a difficult task due to some lapses. brings to our knowing some step by step guide to securing a Job which are listed and explained below. Even if you have been writing CVs before, follow our step by step approach. Start by defining your job…Read moreRead more

6 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A University In Nigeria

One of the greatest Joy is gaining admission into the higher institution at the right time and brings to your notice some important factors to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria. For a Jambite, one of the biggest questions running in the mind is the choice of University/Higher Institution to fill in their…Read moreRead more

4 Powerful Tips on How to Save Money as a Student

Being a student isn’t as easy at it seems, ranging from academic works to personal savings for daily up keeps. It is therefore of utmost priority to knowing how to effectively save money undermining our daily spending. brings to your notice some of the powerful tips to go about it. I was once a…Read moreRead more

9 Steps To Overcoming Masturbation

Been isolated and lonely can cause many stare in the mind and in the head, and adding to this is the current ongoing lockdown caused by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which has mandated every citizen to be at home for their own safety. This isolation can lead to different occurrence of which masturbation…Read moreRead more