6 Rewarding Things Students Can Do During ASUU Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU strike is back again and students in the universities are wondering when it will be called off. Usually, in Nigeria ASUU strike can run for as long as 3 months, especially if the government does not take swift action to resolve, but in this case it is an indefinite strike. Whatever the case may be, www.updatedgist.com shares certain things you can do to get the best of the strike.

Below are some things students can venture into during the Academic staff union of Universities ASUU strike to make good use and  maximize their time at home.

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Rewarding Things To Do During The Strike

1. Skill Acquisition

This is one of the best things you can spend your time on during ASUU Strike, No knowledge is wasted.

You finally have the time to learn a new skill. It could be photography, jewelry making,tailoring,bead making, learning to play an instrument, baking etc.

Take the time to learn it and get really good at it. Not only does it give you an edge and provide opportunities for a side hustle, it will help build your self-confidence and give you value for time invested.

In our world today, certifications would help you in diverse ways, but, having a skill that meets the demands of the world economy and the demands of people on daily basis would rather take you farther in your career.

The world is ruled by people who have armed themselves with skills that are useful in our world today. There are several skills that one could actually learn, depending on your interest. After learning the skill of your choice, don’t hesitate to put it into practice even when school resumes again. This will further enhance the skill thereby making you perfect in it.

2. Enrol for a Professional Certification Course

 The university might be closed but there are other avenues for learning. You can enrol in short courses online or for professional classes  that will grant you certain qualifications that may become relevant in future.

You don’t necessarily have to get a certificate; the idea is to acquire new knowledge that will be relevant to your career goals or aspirations. Like the saying goes “No knowledge is a waste.”

3. Start a business

Seriously, there is nothing like owning your own business. It even more advisable to start a business when you are in school. You will not be at the mercy at skimming employers. That is the truth. You can sell things to your friends. Just do something legal that will earn you money.

Use this period at home to start a small business. You could either sell products or render a service. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need a large capital to get yourself started. You can also use social media as a tool to leverage your business. Most importantly, carry out a market research and survey in the type of business you are going into before you actually start.

4. Get a Job

You can also go job hunting to earn some money for your upkeep. At least, you won’t only garner enough experience, it will also help have an idea of how the real world works. You can include this work experience on your CV when you graduate.

The money made may not be the kind that will set you up for life, but it may be enough to take care of some needs. Moreover, working would be fun and educational.

You learn the value of time and money and attain the essence of work ethic and work culture. Which no one would teach you within the four walls of a school.

5. Cover Up For Academic Work

Alot of students are still behind in their study schedules,this is a time to quickly cover up your academic work. Some schools were even about to kick off with Test/Exams before the strike was declared and definitely some students were not fully prepared. This surely is the perfect time to get up, avoid procrastination and burn the mid night candles so as to get good grades, and this period is also an advantage for slow learners.

6. Make Money

This is a very important factor to bre considered. If i don’t mention this, meaning the list isn’t yet complete. the Truth is that it is important to make cool cash while still in school.

If Academics has been stopping you from doing that, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. This is the best time to bring your Entrepreneur skills and make cool cash.

Below is a link to things you can doing online to make cool cash.

Ways To Make Money Online

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