9 Factors that kills Relationships

Love is a beautiful thing that every person wish to enjoy, it encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states which in turn may lead to a relationship. But it is safe to say that all relationships are not worth the while and affection due to some constraining factors and we Updatedgist brings to us factors that kills relations.

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Factors That Can Kill a Relationship

Note: These factors are not in any regular manner/arrangements as they are randomly arranged, so fasten your seatbelt and enjoy.

1. Lack of Love

Yes, Lack of Love, some people might ask or rather still argue that why will one go into a relationship without Love. Yes it is totally possible. As earlier stated in the introduction, Love is a very strong feeling of affection towards someone who you are romantically or sexually attracted to but most people in relationships get into a relationship for their own selfish reasons or better still personal reasons ranging from wanting sex, extortion, to get over someone and the likes.

2. Distance

There is a general saying that distance is never a barrier, well not in the case of a relationship that probably hasn’t gotten to marriage yet. they tend to be this unwanted fading desire/mindset that comes into play when you need not to be seeing them frequently. It mustn’t always be the case though as some relations are driven by love and mature minds but it is a factor that sometimes kills relationship.

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3. Lack of Trust

For a relationship to be enjoyable and worth the while and time, trust is a major factor that must be considered as trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone. There are different factors that can start generating trust issues in the head, one could be distance as clearly stated above. If this issue of trust can be addressed in a relationship it will be a major stepping strong to a lovable relationship.

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4. Lies

A lie is an assertion that is believed to be false, typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone, personally i feel lie is inevitable in human nature lolz, but it can for sure be contained because the effect of it can be really alarming and heart breaking to both male or female. It could tend lead to many unwanting thoughts in ones head ranging from Lack of Trust which can in turn start creating way to the beginning of the ending of the relationship. It is also save to say that when contained a relationship will be worth the while.

5. Lack of Understanding

When there is no understanding, things starts going wrong and dispute starts being the order of the day. Understanding is a psychological process related to a person, situation etc. It is one of the factor to be considered as to when it is place, other things starts going as planned.

6. Wrong Advises from Friends

Friends friends friends… They is a saying that show me your friends and i will tell you who you are. When you mostly take your relationship issues to friends, they is no guarantee that the advises that will be passed across to you will always be positive maybe for different reasons. Some bad friends that do not wish you well or are jealous about your relationship will surely give you a wrong advice so you can obviously end up your leaving your partner just for them to be happy.

7. Lack of Support/Sacrifices

Relationships are not always meant to be a smooth ride most times, they could be some trying times between one of the persons in the relationship or even both parties, this is where the drive for support comes in, so instead of nagging or compiling more worries you could show support and make some sacrifices so as to make the bad situation pass by.

8. Pride

Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements but when you let it gets to your head and makes you start behaving in an unusual manner to your partner then you have something else to think about. Pride they say comes before a fall and it is surely one of the factor that can kill a relationship so if well managed or totally overcomed then the relationship will be worth the while.

9. Getting into the Relationship with a wrong Mindset

Yes, this is also a major factor to be considered when getting into a relationship because most times people don’t basically have a mindset or reason for going into a relationship some just do it because others are doing it, that will be a major factor that kills the relationship at the long run. It is advisable to have a genuine mindset before going into a relationship.

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