7 Factors To Consider Before Getting Married

Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image. On this note, it is a thing of Joy for as all to get married someday. Updatedgist brings to you some important factors to consider before getting married so as not be regret your actions later on. Marriage surely is a union ordained by God as it is clearly stated in

Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.


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Important Factors to Consider Before Getting Married
1. Are We In Love? 

Yes! Are we in Love?, I know you might be wondering, don’t i need to be in love to get married in the first place?, yes it maybe so for you but might differ for others. Due to pressure of other societal factors one might want to get married to someone who they clearly are not in love with and such marriages don’t usually go well. it is either full of regrets, torture or probably end in divorce. love as a matter of fact is the most important factor to consider when wanting to tie the knot. It is what makes that one person different from the rest, that feeling that makes you think twice before doing anything that will hurt that person, a feeling that makes you want to sacrifice all for the persons comfort and well being.

We could go on and on about the influence of love on an individual, it is indeed a magical and of course a beautiful feeling that shouldn’t be overlooked when thinking about something as crucial as marriage.

2. Do We Know Each other Well Enough?

One of the important factors to consider before venturing into the journey of marriage is whether or not you know your pattern well enough. There is a saying that says “marry for friend”. A friend is someone you can proudly say you know, one who you can talk to, confide in, count on, play with, look out for and so on. If you jeopardise the whole essence of marriage by marrying someone who is close to been a total stranger to you because of some selfish reasons or some unseen circumstances you have yourself to blame because when love seems like it’s no longer there, friendship is what keeps couples going.

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3. Do We Have Similar Visions?

Married couples tend to disagree at some point in their journey due to the fact that one wants a thing and the other those not. It is advisable to look into such things before and not during the marriage. For example, some men don’t like their wives working while some ladies do not like being idle hence there will be clash of interest. If you marry someone who understands what you want or better still wants same thing and supports you in all your doing, it makes things easier, smooth and enjoyable.

4. Is He/She your Type?

This might sound funny but its a whole lot cause we all differ in our personalities but share some similarities. Is He/She your type?, do you like someone that frequently or seldomly goes to church, do you even like a Christian or a muslem, do you like someone that smokes or drinks, are you clubbing type and so on. A common mistake people make is to marry someone and expect them to change afterwards which ought not to be, as the popular saying goes “the beginning determines the end” not totally but the beginning goes a long way to determine the outcome, Marry your type.

5. Am I Financially Ready?

I know so many people will categories this factor as the most important lolz, but i consider love as the ultimate. Nobody wants to marry a liability, infact no one wants to be a liability these days be it male or female. Female mostly strive to get a source of income so you can support your spouse and earn some respect for yourself, gone as those days when a woman’s place is said to be in the kitchen so try and secure a place for yourself ” Nobody wants a liability”, that goes to both males and females.

6. Are We Compatible Medically?

Compatibility is very important, this is where the medical aspect comes in. If your genotype or any other health related status is contracting or maybe you have been advised by your doctor not to get married please adhere to it. Do not bring children into the world to suffer all in the name of taking your chances, please let us be guided.

7. Am I Ready?

Finally, am i ready?, physically, socially, economically and other wise, Are you ready?, to not be a single adult again and hold nobody explanations as to why you do some certain things. Are you ready to get mad, irritated, furious, are you ready to tolerate the bullshits and overlook the nonsense and the terrible times. Are you ready to say yes and make that one person worth it?

A wise man once defined marriage as a school where you’re awarded a certificate before you start hence it is assumed that both would be successful, are you ready to say yes and don not go back on that.

Marriage is not something to rush into, you should think about it very well so you won’t marry wrongly. Remember it is better to be single and happy than to be married and unhappy. Make a wise decision while you still can.

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